Wedding ring lost, what now?

If you lost your wedding ring, click on Register Ring .
Enter your engraving and describe the ring as much as possible.
Upload one or more photos.
Je the more accurate you can determine the time and place of the loss, the more higher is the probability to find the ring.
Finally choose how we can help you.

Should the Ring for € 9.95, only to be added to our database, so that we can make contact between you and the finder?

Or may we post your search for € 29.95 with a post on Facebook, Twitter and Co support? In addition we inform the important contact points such as police, lost property office, Cities and newspapers about your loss.

If you have one If you want to reach even greater numbers of people, you can talk about us Search professionally.
How to reach with a paid Facebook entry 20, 30 or 50,000 people.

Register ring off Caution!

Caution is better than forbearance! Once your wedding ring is gone, it's too late to take decent photos of it and the engraving is about to describe. Therefore, secure yourself now and Register All the jewels that matter to you.
The rings remain then in the database for all time!

If the ring was stolen ...

A ring has been stolen from you and you want the thief's Possibility to make him money or want your ring back, should he be found? Then register your jewelry. honestly Finder can search for the real Owner looking for. The police, lost property offices and jewelry buyers are also attacking back to our database.

Found a ring?

If you've found a wedding ring or engagement ring, < ahref="/en/component/app/task=foundItem">Report Find the find just for free. Should the owner join Being registered with us, we will bring you together. Is the owner not yet known, we support you in the search.
A ring belongs to the finger of its owner!


Of course, we do not just give the address of the jewelry owners to the Finder out. The owner gets the contact information from the finder, then decide for yourself whether to hand over to neutral Reason meets or the object is simply sent.
Also the Finder can remain anonymous on request.
We like to offer ourselves as Broker!


Each Finder decides for itself whether it insists on finder's pay or the Ring returns without reward.
In Germany there are so some guidelines:
to 500 €: 5% of the value,
over 500 €: 25 € (5% of € 500) plus 3% of the value in excess of € 500. If
the find has only an emotional value, then the finder's reward is discretion.

... ... whenever we have a ring and want to verify its origin, we have to go through a very extensive database of photos. Ring register simplifies our work with each registered ring. Great idea!

E. A., police officer in Frankfurt am Main